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All fields in the adoption application must be filled out completely or your application may be denied otherwise.
We will through the adoption process by EMAIL.
We review applications upon receipt and will reply as soon as possible, usually within 1-3 days.

    Foster Types

    1. We are always looking for three types of volunteers who are heading for Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver.If you have given it a thorough consideration to bring our dogs to their new forever loving home, you are genuinely welcomed to join our rescue efforts.
    ***Fostering saves lives! If you rent please be advise that a landlord approval is needed upon approval of the application. Please allow us a couple days to process and review your application, thank you for your interest in fostering
    (1) Foster Home Volunteer
    a. Help foster our dog so that s/he can familiarize with the surroundings prior to adoption.
    b. Communicate with potential adopters.
    c. Increase the exposure of the dog and heighten his/her chance to be adopted.

    (2) Airport pick up volunteers
    We are always looking for volunteers who live locally around Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver airports, who are willing to help us to pick up dogs when our volunteers are unavailable. If you are interested, please contact us.
    (Only this type please, send us from [Contact Us Form])

    (3) Flight Guardians
    Bring our dogs from Taiwan to their adopters in the States.

    Only this type please, send us from [Passenger Volunteer Form]

    You can choose more than two options below

    Foster Home VolunteerAirport pick up volunteersFlight Guardians

    Application Info

    Household Info

    17. Where will your foster animal sleep?*

    18. How many hours will your foster be alone?*

    19. Who will be the primary caretaker for the foster?*

    20. Does anyone in your household smoke?*

    21. Where will your foster be during the day hours while at work?

    How high is your fence?

    Other Animals

    21. Do you have cats?

    22. Do the cats live strictly indoors?

    23.Are the cats declawed?

    24. Do you have dogs?

    25. If yes, how many? Breed?

    26. How old are your other dogs?

    27. What are their play styles?

    28. Any specific behaviors (ex. Resource guarding, territorial, leash reactivity, etc.)?

    29. Other animals?*

    30. Are all animals in your household spayed/neutered?

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