Zara, now Frankie

TL;DR if you are prospective adoptee reading through the testimonials trying to figure out if Life of Hope is for you, THEY ARE AN AMAZING RESCUE! We HIGHLY recommend them! You can immediately tell that Life of Hope cares for and loves their dogs so much. When we took Frankie for her first U.S. vet check-up, they were extremely impressed by the documentation/vaccinations/health work LHF provided. If and when we are ready for a second dog, we would absolutely rescue another dog from LHF 🙂

We’ve had our little Frankie girl for about 3 months now—she makes us laugh and smile everyday. She is the perfect combination of silly, sassy, and playful. We love her SO much! Frankie is extremely smart (very food motivated) and has learned a lot within these 3 short months. She loves hiking, cuddling, and her himalayan cheese chews. Although still a little shy when meeting new humans, she is very curious and continues to become more and more confident everyday!

The adoption process was smooth and pleasant! The communication was absolutely INCREDIBLE. During the process we communicated mostly with Anita who provided us with daily updates, pictures and videos. When the time came for Frankie to travel, she sent us all the flight details and connected us with the volunteer (thank you Vicky!) who would be flying Frankie over. Thank you Anita <3 We felt extremely confident during the whole adoption process with Life of Hope. We’ve even reunited Frankie with her sis Zoey and travel friend Dory, which is really awesome.

Overall, thank you so much Life of Hope—we appreciate all you do (including the volunteers)! We are so grateful for our little Frankie. Special shoutout to Frankie’s foster mom, Joyce who provided her with all the love! She is definitely the reason why Frankie loves to cuddle and snuggle 🙂 

Torii, Jack & Frankie