WeiWei. Sweetie. Honey. Dude. Silly girl. Little cinnamon buns. So many pet names for our unique little hyena. The moment we saw her brindle coat and her puppy eyes online we knew she was ours. Once we adopted her, it’s been an incredible experience as far as learning and adventuring together goes. After having this sweet girl for over two years, we are CERTAIN that she is the best dog in the world. Incredibly smart, independent, emotionally aware, and perfect during off-leash walks. When we’re going through life’s obstacles, she’s there. When we’re having day of relaxation, she’s there. When we get home from work, she’s there and greets us with a wiggling butt and exposed teeth. Always making us laugh with her silly antics and daily zoomies. We are so grateful to have this sweet girl in our lives, and Im certain she’s has the most amount of aunts and uncles begging to watch her while we’re out of town. 

She’s our little buddy, our best friend, our sweetie. Thank you Life of Hope Foundation for trusting us with this perfect animal, as we will continue to cherish and celebrate her every day.