It’s been a little over 4 months since Umi arrived in California! I don’t even know how to put into words how much I love her! Umi is curious, beautiful, fearful, playful, sweet, awkward, spunky, a little sassy, and just overall amazing! Everyday she makes me laugh and smile with her antics. I describe her as a “dog’s dog,” she wants to meet every dog she sees. She loves the dog park, the dog beach, running around the yard, she loves to play fetch, dog puzzles, and sun bathing. She is so sweet and cuddly in the mornings and every time she nuzzles her little head next to mine, I just about die! She gets the Zoomies often (that’s why her name is Umi Zumi). Since she arrived in February 2021, she has really shown her personality. She is curious and fearful of many things so I like to slowly show her what everything is, “Umi, I’m peeling potatoes, this a potato peeler” or “Umi, that’s a Rollie Pollie”, then she slowly starts smelling it and then she’s usually fine 😂 . Many people ask about Umi and I love telling them her adoption story and about Formosan Mountain Dogs. She gets a lot of attention and when people get a chance to pet her they say she feels like velvet! 

I am so grateful to Life Of Hope Foundation, the rescuers, and foster families. Umi was given so much love, she was already potty trained and socialized with kids, cats, and dogs. She knew sit, down, and paw before she arrived. I was sent photos and videos of her before arriving and communication with the LHF team was easy. I am so, so grateful for all they do! Thank you for bringing Umi into mine and my family’s life. We love her so much!!