Stanley, now Ashby

It has been such a joy welcoming Ashby (fka Stanley) into our home! He was quite shy at first, and only bonded with me, but he very quickly got to know my two roommates, and enjoys sneaking cuddles with all of us constantly! He has been exceptionally good with my small black cat, Izzy. It has taken a few months, but Izzy has now nose-butted him while he slept on the couch! We are still learning about balls and toys, but he’s getting really good at fetch, and has decided that he loves peanut butter-filled Kongs. He also is still somewhat scared of ocean waves, but he absolutely loves going to the beach and jumping in the water when it’s calm. He has become best friends with my boyfriend’s cattle dog – it’s great that he has a good doggy role model. He’s also adjusting to the climate quite nicely, and loves to chase all of the leaves falling off the trees, but he also loves curling up in a pile of fresh, warm laundry 🙂