Stanford, Now Tobik

We adopted Tobik (FKA Stanford) from Life of Hope in September of 2020. Anita was so responsive throughout the whole process and we were deeply moved by how much devotion and commitment the volunteers at LHF gave to each one of their rescued dogs. We knew from the beginning that Tobik had a paw crushed as a puppy and he had undergone extensive surgery and rehabilitation in Taiwan. Even though this was surely a difficult experience for him, I’m sure because of the love and kindness he received from his foster homes he was not as fearful as we expected him to be and bonded with us almost immediately.
We picked him up from SFO and Tobik came in a large crate with toys and a harness leash. He was already house-trained and so good at using the pee pads. He quickly learned how to do his business outside. He is incredibly observant and loves to be involved with the family. He follows us all around the house and always sleeps close by when we are working or sleeps under the table when we are eating. An FMD is, above all, a member of the family.  He will also guard our family with such bravery despite his petite size. 
Tobik’s absolute favorite thing is going on walks. He loves it more than any treat. However, due to the shape of his injured paw his paw gets cut easily and so we fit him with a boot every time we take him outside. He is known at the local dog-park for being the one bootie dog! Anita was in constant communication with me when we were consulting with the vet and a surgeon to determine if there was anything more serious going on with his leg and paw. I really appreciate that Tobik is forever a part of the LHF family even though he is now an ocean away from his home. Thankfully Tobik does not need additional surgery, we just have to be cautious about keeping his foot well protected. He is free to be the playful, fierce, and loving dog that he is! 
We are so thankful to have Tobik as a part of our family!