My husband and I decided we were ready to bring a dog into our family, we were resolute on a Jindo. We found a fantastic organization in Life of Hope! It was love at first sight when we clicked into Shallot’s profile! We were certain she was the girl for us. The application process was standard, although it was clear the foundation takes the adoption process seriously aiming to ensure a safe and happy life for the dogs. There was trepidation from the foster due to us having several cats, which we understood. Luckily, it was decided she would in fact become the missing key to our family. We felt and still feel incredibly lucky to have such a gift. Life of Hope set us up for success and were able to answer any questions we had. Communication was great! We were met at the airport and anxiously awaited for the first face to snout interaction. Shallot was nervous but soon made herself at home! She creates smiles each and everyday and our hearts are forever full with love for her. She even loves her cat siblings! We will forever be thankful to The Life of Hope Foundation and her beloved foster parents. We highly recommend supporting these wonderful people who save these beautiful lives.