Sasa, now Sasha

Hello. If you’re wondering if you should adopt a dog from Life of Hope Foundation (LHF), our
response would definitely be YES! We were a little reluctant at first because we weren’t sure if
they were legit; there are many scams and fake organizations out there. However, LHF is the
real deal, and we would adopt from them again in a heartbeat. Anita swiftly responded to our
emails, was clear on the process and kept us up to date on the status of Sasa, the dog we
wanted. Even though Sasa was in Taiwan and we were in the States and couldn’t meet her in
person, we had a good idea of her temperament and habits because Anita frequently sent us
updates, photos and videos. We were blown away by the dedication of her and the
organization’s rescuers. They truly care for the animals. Our family has been blessed with
having Sasa, who we renamed Sasha, as our fur baby. LHF took care of Sasha’s vaccinations and
microchipping, so they made it really easy for us. Sasha adjusted fairly easily to living with our
family in the U.S. and created a special protective, loving bond with our youngest child from the
start. Sasha is the perfect family dog that we were searching for. Thanks LHF!