Queenie, now Izzy

My husband and I were lucky enough to find Life Hope Foundation online after a friend had mentioned she had gotten her last pup from an International rescue organization. Their website was easy to navigate and we loved seeing multiple pictures of the adoptable dogs and reading their rescue stories. We were immediately drawn to one pup in particular and completed an adoption application online. We expected it would take several weeks to hear back and were so surprised when we were contacted by Anita later that evening! Over the next week we were in communication with both Ivy and Anita, two of the most gracious and caring people I have had the pleasure of working with, and shortly after we were notified our application was approved. Because of the Pandemic, it took some time before a volunteer could be found to bring Izzy over to us but it was so worth the wait. Both Ivy and Anita emailed us pictures and videos of Izzy during the waiting months so we felt like we were getting to know her even before we me her. We were a little nervous about the logistics of the airport pick up but they had arranged for a volunteer to coordinate everything from the airport. Picking her up was as simple as walking in to the lobby and wheeling her kennel away! The care and work that this organization puts into the rescue, fostering and adoption process for their pups is truly admirable. They also encourage adopters to stay in touch and have several meet up groups in the area for people and the Life Hope dogs that have relocated to the area. I would absolutely recommend this organization to family and friends who are looking to adopt.
Our Journey with Izzy (so far!)
We have had Izzy for over a month and a half now. She was incredibly shy and nervous during the first few days (thank you to Anita and Ivy for prepping us in advance!). Over the next several days she bonded very quickly with our older dog and followed him around everywhere he went. Once she could see that our older dog really loved us and wanted to be around us Izzy started be more comfortable with us as well. By going slow and letting her get comfortable she slowly started trusting us. As of today she will now happily wag her tail and greet us when we walk into a room, she will allow us to pet her and show affection, she started working for treats and is now doing great with “sit” and “touch.” Her favorite pastimes are wrestling with her older brother, chasing bugs in the back yard and taking naps next to us. We love watching her be brave and try new things. We continue to work on building trust with her and going slow. We know the patient approach will pay off as she continues to show us signs of the sweet, quirky and more confident dog she is.