Paul, now Apollo

Above and beyond. That is the best way to describe our experience with the Life of Hope Foundation and Anita in particular. From the first contact to post adoption, Anita (foster Mom) has helped us and Apollo (former name Paul) above and beyond what is typical and what we expected. Anita understood our situation and our needs in our adoption better than we did ourselves. After we were approved as being the adopting family, Anita started to send personalized YouTube videos detailing how Apollo is in behavior and ways to care for him. She set up live FaceTime sessions with us and Apollo pre-adoption so that Apollo can see us and we can see Apollo. She also answered questions we had patiently and diligently. Above and beyond. This goes for veterinarian care in Taiwan, shots required, documentations for entry, etc. everything was thoughtfully done for the benefit of the adopting family and Apollo. Prior to the flight to the US, all the communications and documents were sent to us in great detail. Contact information of the volunteer passenger was sent to us to ease our worries. above and beyond. On the day of departure from Taiwan, we got pictures and videos of Apollo getting into the crate and beginning his long flight to the US.  Apollo had his favorite toys inside the crate, full documentation outside of crates, and new toys and leash ready for his new life. Upon arrival at SFO, we were delighted at the condition of Apollo and the great care that was put forth. We then began our forever love and journey with Apollo. Few weeks in, we can tell you that Apollo was very well trained by Anita and her family. This included proper potty training, house training, off leash training, and some basic manners and commands. When we bring Apollo out to dog parks, folks are so impressed that Apollo was able to be off leash within two weeks with such control. Above and beyond. We are super impressed with Anita and Life of Hope Foundation and we strongly encourage anyone who is considering adopting a dog to take a close look at Life of Hope. The work is always done with the best intention and effort for the dog and set up with high probability of success with the forever home family.