My entire experience with Life of Hope Foundation was wonderful.
I was looking for a senior dog and Nora’s picture on their website caught my eye. Our family
had some concerns in working with an international rescue group and the challenges involved,
but the people at Life of Hope were all so kind and responsive. Anita responded to my inquiry
and then connected me to Rita, Nora’s rescuer. Rita answered every question that I had, and
even spoke to me by phone to address specific concerns.
Rita provided pictures and videos of Nora in different settings, which allowed us to see Nora’s
interactions with children, adults, and other dogs. It was clear how much effort she has put into
socializing, training, and caring for her rescues, for which I am so grateful. I sent over videos of
our house and provided descriptions of our general schedules, to help them understand our
living conditions, how much time we would spend with Nora, and how invested we would be in
her future. Thankfully, we all agreed that Nora would be a great fit!
After the adoption paperwork and fee was received, Rita started the process to fly Nora over.
She updated me frequently on the health clearance process and what to expect after such a
long flight. She provided some suggestions on how to introduce Nora to our dog and overall
suggestions on her acclimation to the new environment. Their care did not end after Nora
landed in New York. They would touch base occasionally to address any concerns with her
acclimation and see if there were any other questions they could answer.
All the interactions were so incredibly helpful and allowed for the most informed decision (on
each side) as to whether Nora would be a good fit in our household. The effort paid off,
because we could not be happier having Nora as a part of our family!