Nana, now Sesame

We love Life of Hope Foundation!

After our previous dog died of cancer last year, we knew we would eventually get a dog, but doubted that there could be another dog as perfect as she was. I am so happy I was wrong, because Sesame (formerly known as Nana) is also perfect for our family! I am so thankful to LHF for bringing Sesame into my life. I am so impressed by LHF and my experience has been nothing but positive. It is evident how much they love their dogs and want good homes for them. Anita has been so helpful. She was super responsive and answered my many questions. I told her about our family and asked her for profiles of dogs that would fit our family. Sesame was one of them. When we decided on Sesame, Anita sent lots of pictures and videos of Sesame during the wait. She would tell me all the good, naughty and funny things about Sesame. The entire process was explained carefully to me in detail so nothing was a surprise. Meeting the kind flight volunteer and picking Sesame up at the airport was easy. Sesame was understandably so scared for the first few days. Although the first few weeks were rough (very normal), she began adjusting right away and has integrated beautifully into our family. Sesame is the perfect dog for my family, the best companion to me, gentle to my toddlers, obedient, loyal, and so snuggly. She has loved playing with every dog she’s met. Everyone who meets her comments on what a great dog she is. I love her and cannot imagine our life without her! Thank you LHF!