The night I picked up Mochi from the LAX airport, I saw a helpless and scared puppy hiding in the back of her kennel huddled close to her stuffed dinosaur. Upon bringing her back home, she was absolutely terrified and would not want to come out of her kennel. With some patience and motivation, she nervously stepped out into her new forever home. That same night Mochi opened up to me, and me only. My family, eager to meet and play with her, would not be greeted or approached in the same manner that Mochi did for me. Everytime I came downstairs, everytime I turned the corner, and everytime I walked in her direction, Mochi would jump up and run towards me wanting to play and ask for pets and love. As the months went by, Mochi became more comfortable and more willing to explore and meet “new” people. She finally grew an attachment between my mom, dad, grandma, and sister, and slowly started making friends with my cousins, close friends, and their dogs as well. What once was a nervous and uncertain puppy grew to become a more confident, joyful, and curious puppy that now loves interacting with others and playing with other dogs (assuming that they were nice back to her). As a first time dog owner and future veterinarian, I could not be more joyous and thankful for having such a wonderful and beautiful dog. Mochi has shown me that patience and kindness will always bring the beauty out of everyone and everything. Before her arrival, I had never seen so much laughs, smiles, and playful gestures from my family! Mochi is a one of a kind dog that is well-tempered, well behaved, and above all loyal to her family. When I reached out to LHF Rescue I was nervous about the adoption/application process. However, once I was in contact, the staff and volunteers made everything so effortless and made the entire process a walk in the park! Their response time, knowledge, and communication with numerous members around the world made me feel at ease knowing that I was set for my new family member to join us. Special shout out to Ms. Anita for always being so responsive to my texts and to the rest of the LHF Rescue staff for allowing me to find Mochi and delivering her safely to my arms! Mochi and our family are forever grateful for everything LHF Rescue has done for us and are eager to contribute to the organization in any way that we can!