For a while, we’ve been looking for a furry family member, and when we came across Mina’s profile, we could not resist how cute and lovable she was! We decided to take the chance, so we submitted our adoption application through Life of Hope Foundation’s website. 

The whole process was easy, fast, and thorough. Since this was our first time adopting a dog together, we wanted to make sure this was the right fit for our lifestyle. Anita and the organization were very helpful and responsive in answering my numerous questions about Mina. 

After submitting the application, Life of Hope reached out quickly. The application was very detailed, as they really care about their dogs and want to make sure their dogs find the best permanent homes. The process was very organized, transparent, and informative. They described Mina’s personality accurately. Anita has always been available and followed up quickly. 

After we got approved to adopt Mina, we got regular updates on her training, such as for potty, name recognition, and separation. Her foster care trained her very well! 

She arrived at San Francisco Airport with all her paperwork, microchip information, and up to date vaccinations. Mina arrived with her sister Miki (Instagram: cuddlebug_mmf)! The organization also prepared care items for her, including leashes and harnesses, pee pads, a blanket, a toy, and sweater. They were extremely accommodating and were even able to find a volunteer to get around our pre-existing travel plans. We were very grateful, and it reduced the stress of her transitioning to her permanent home. 

Since we got Mina in February 2022, we took her on so many adventures. We hosted a pool party for her first birthday and took her on many trips. 

Mina is a happy, healthy, and playful dog who enjoys meeting new friends at parks and spending time with us. We take her almost everywhere we go, such as restaurants, coffee shops, shopping malls, and even flights. She has brought a lot of joy to our family, friends, and everyone else around her. We are always amazed by her good temperament, intelligence, and cute and sweet personality. She is able to quickly learn new tricks. We received so many compliments on how well behaved she is in public areas, vets, and car rides. 

We are very lucky to have her as part of our family. We can’t wait to take her on more adventures. 

Instagram: mina_ms_floppy