Hello Anita,

Having Maddie as a member of the family is a very happy addition. 

We adopted Maddie after seeing our family had a great experiences with adopting Miki (one of Maddie’s daughter) from Life of Hope. They make the adoption process easy and effortless.

When we first learn about Maddie’s personality and rescue story from Anita, we thought she would be a great fit and deserve a forever home with her daughters (Miki & Mina). We knew that Maddie has gone through a challenging life prior to her rescue and we are so thankful that Life of Hope took her along with her two daughters out of the puppy mills life. 

When Maddie first got here she seem to feel a sense of relief but also nervous that if this is going to be her forever home or not. So she will always follow us around and stick beside us to make sure we are nearby. Maddie is extremely well-behaved and a very thoughtful girl. We couldn’t be more happy that she still have trust in human after what she had gone through for the past 5 years.

After adjusting for a couple months, Maddie started to open up more and feel much more relax. She gets tons of love and attention from the family which she didn’t experiences before her rescue. Now Maddie is living an awesome life here in the Bay Area and she even went on two national park road trips! We are glad that Maddie join our family and she is definitely a special Corgi to all of us! 

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