We decided to get a puppy, like many others, during the pandemic. We knew the gravity of the commitment and wanted to make sure we brought a dog into our lives who would be happy and comfortable with life in the city, going on outdoor adventures, and meeting new people.

At first, Luna was really shy and slow to warm up. After the huge transitions she experienced so early in her life, and because of the incredibly informative team at Life of Hope, we expected this. We tried to slowly introduce her to people and places.  At first, Luna would have to meet someone a few times before becoming comfortable with them. With time, consistency, and reassurance she has become so confident and cuddly.

It has been so fulfilling to watch Luna acclimate to our home and grow more into herself as she become more comfortable in her life with us. Now, we couldn’t imagine life without her. Not only is Luna a beautiful and healthy dog, she is so sweet and animated and smart. She can learn any trick right away and will do anything for a treat. She has become a great running buddy and even after a run with me she will somehow have energy to be the fastest dog at the dog park. It warms our hearts to see her playing with other dogs or chasing birds at her favorite place, the beach.

We are so thankful to Life of Hope and all of Luna’s foster parents and rescuers for bringing us together. The process was easy and reassuring. They took a lot of care in understanding our day to day lives to ensure the dog we adopted was a good match. By the time Luna arrived we felt like we already knew her. Life is better with Luna.


Carly and Eli (and Luna ❤️)