Luca, now Kenji

Kenji was the first dog I adopted on my own (grew up with family pets) and I had an amazing experience with Life of Hope. Shortly after filling out an application Anita got in contact with me and even though the dog I originally applied for had been adopted, I told Anita I was open to any dog as long as they had experience with cats and let Anita think about which dog would be a good fit for my family. A few days later she sent pictures of Luca, and the first thing I noticed was that he was sharing a bed with two cats, LOL! And his adorable ears (one floppy, one upright) immediately melted my heart. She got me into contact with his rescuer, Rita, and from there Rita answered every single question I had and began to send over pictures and videos almost daily. She made me aware that Luca was nervous around strangers and that he would be nervous with us at first and need to be ignored in his crate for a bit until he came out on his own, and this was true. He was sent over from Taiwan in a crate with a blanket, a sweater, toys, collar, harness, leash, and all medical paperwork. He was neutered and had all his vaccines! LHF really puts so much thought and care into each dog. Over the past 9 months Kenji has really come out of his shell more and more and he is fully comfortable around my partner and me, and absolutely loves his cat sister! He is still nervous around strangers, understandably, and we are moving at his pace. He is the absolute sweetest boy with us and loves going for walks and hikes, and making new (polite) doggy friends. We recently took him on a trip and he did so well! I still talk to Rita and Anita from time to time and they have always have great advice. Thank you to LHF for giving Kenji a second chance in life, we are so lucky to know him and have his trust and love!