Leo, now Lenny

When Lenny and I first met, he was extremely shy and scared. It took time, patience, and loads of love to slowly develop trust with him. Although he was scared and shy I could tell how sweet and curious he was. In the beginning walks were the only time I would see the true Lenny. He would leap, sniff, and get the zoomies. Food was difficult. At first I had to mix his kibble with fresh food just to get him to look at it. He needed to be backed into a corner with carpet under his feet in order to eat. It only took Lenny two nights to come upstairs into my bedroom and sleep in my room with me. After about two months he was much more comfortable and would ask to go on walks and for food. His personality was truly showing through. Meeting other dogs at this point was iffy. He loved dogs but didn’t quite understand the typical social interaction with suburban dogs. Now, over a year later, Lenny is full of personality. He has found his voice and barks with his brother. He loves meeting neighbor dogs. Lenny is the best dog I have ever met, He brings so much joy and love into my life. Everyone who meets him instantly loves him. He is so full of love and trust now. I am so thankful that we found each other and look forward to a lifetime with my dorky dog.