Kelly, now Lucy

We had our dog, Hank for fifteen years. Our children grew up with him. So, when he passed on, our family was devastated. We have always had and loved dogs as part of our family. But after Hank left us, we were so sad, we just weren’t ready for another dog. It took a while. As time went by, we started looking at rescue dogs online. Well, this one named “Kelly” jumped out at us, and, as we read further, we discovered that she was in Taiwan!!!!! We fell in love with her just from her picture. She was a Formosan Mountain dog. We started the process with the Life of Hope Foundation, our contact was Anita Lee. She responded right away to our inquiry. I can’t say enough good about her and this foundation!!! From the git go we could tell that they really had the dog’s best interests at heart. They were thorough and efficient with their questions to us and in their responses to our questions. They didn’t ask us for money. Their focus was to find the best home for Kelly. We were asked many questions about our home, backyard (and had to supply a video) ….
The most interesting question to me was: Who would take care of Kelly if I were to die? 
She came with all her shots, bathed and nails done. She flew with an escort and our whole family met them at the airport. Although she was naturally scared, the crate was spotless, with plenty of water and looked quite comfortable, with toys included. We were told by the Foundation that we could send a donation after we received Kelly. Again, it was not their emphasis.
Kelly, who we named Lucy is such an important part of our family, that we rarely go anywhere without her. She flies with us inside the airplane cabin.  Lucy truly is a Godsend, and we are forever indebted to Anita and the  Life of Hope Foundation for bringing her to us.

Thank you!!!!

The Rao Family