Kathy, now Stevie

From the moment I saw Stevie’s face, I knew she belonged in Montana with me! I had previously seen on LHF’s social feed that she had, sadly, been abandoned again with her daughter. After contacting LHF and stating that I felt I needed to adopt her, and that my Aunt and Uncle would happily take her daughter, it was a bit of an excited wait before they’d arrive and be ready to pick up. The pandemic had restricted us to driving to California (from Montana) to meet the girls, but we saw it as an adventure! Life of Hope (Ivy and Anita specifically) kept in constant touch with me on their arrivals, were willing to work with us and have always been a joy to communicate with. They truly care for each animal they rescue and take special care that each is going to the best possible home. This is the reason I came back to adopt my second dog with them!

Stevie was nervous initially and now that I think back on it, she was worried for her daughter and the unknown surroundings they were in. That is my Stevie’s nature, so sweet and loving, though she needs to manage the room at all times! I’ve started giving her nicknames like the Ranger or the Warden when other dogs are involved. Once she realized they were safe and Zoey (was Jessy) was going to a good home, she could relax and enjoy her own new forever home. She’s a joy daily, always very excited to go on walks, loves running and hiking, enjoys snuggle time with Mama and absolutely loves stealing attention from her sisters Lumi and Tova. She makes me laugh daily and is such an outgoing and friendly girl. Our house is forever changed. <3