Karen, now Stevie

Before adopting Stevie (formally known as Karen) my partner and I spent a solid month researching rescues in our area and before that I had spent about 3 months refreshing our local SPCA website looking for any dog that would fit our list of qualifications. Believe me we had a long list! We couldn’t just adopt any dog, we have a very opinionated adult cat with no dog experience who 100% runs the household, we live in a condo that has weight restrictions and my partner and I both had things that we really wanted in a dog. Basically we needed THE dog and nothing felt right until I found LHF. I immediately read just about every testimonial on their site and reached out to Anita. Anita was so quick to respond and helped match us up with dogs she felt would fit into our family. When you speak with Anita you can feel how much she loves and cares for each of these dogs and wants to make sure that each of them gets the perfect home. Once we knew we were going to adopt through LHF and we narrowed down our picks to 2 dogs,  Anita put us in contact with each dog’s foster home right away so we could see pictures and videos of the dogs in their home environment and ask as many questions as we needed to. This put my mind at ease because I felt like I got to know the puppies even though I had not  actually met them yet (something I was definitely worried about at first)! When we finally decided on our Stevie we set up a date to meet up with her foster family and bring her home! Stevie’s foster family has been absolutely incredible throughout this entire process and we still keep in contact with them! I have no doubt in my mind that Stevie is the best girl because she was given the best start to her life with Anita and her foster family looking out for her since day 1. Stevie is adjusting so well and is learning so much every day. We’ve started her in training and she’s already made so many new friends. Now all that’s left is to get her kitty brother, Zeppelin, on board LOL (we’re also making some great progress in that area too! Stevie is so smart and patient and WANTS to be friends, Zeppelin just isn’t too sure yet!). Overall if you’re thinking of adopting through LHF absolutely do it. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Stevie is exactly what our little family was looking for and we cannot wait to watch her learn and grow for years to come. Thank you, thank you, thank you Anita, Ivy and Brenna for bringing this girl into our lives. We love her already. 

-Chris, Kat and Zeppelin