Jean, now Eevee

It has been over a year since we adopted Eevee (previously named Jean)! We picked her up at SFO on our wedding anniversary, May 26, so it’s an easy date to remember. The adoption process was incredibly simple. This foundation is excellent and it is not like many others. Other rescue groups charge exorbitant amounts of money and their selection process seems like it goes to the highest bidder. My wife and I are homeowners with a decent size backyard in the suburbs and LHF just cared if we would be a good household for Eevee. They obviously care more about the animals than money. LHF rescues dogs in Taiwan and then flies them out to California with a guardian. The person who guarded Eevee on the flight flew back to Taiwan later that day after she escorted the dogs over. That’s some hardcore dedication. I have taken that flight myself and it is a long trip. Eevee was checked over by a vet in Taiwan and received vaccinations, got spayed, and had her healthcare taken care of while over there. When we met with the guardian they supplied a harness, leash, collar, crate, toys, and some meds for Eevee. We left the crate there because we weren’t going to crate-train her and thought we could save them some money for other dogs. It was insanely cheap ($400 total then, it looks like it’s $500 now) to get Eevee and it just showed to me that they ultimately just want to get the dog to a good home. The flights are not cheap and they covered all of those costs. When Eevee first came to us she was pretty scruffy-looking. She had patches and scars on her coat. She also has pretty bad allergies so she would itch quite a bit. She was wary of us and everybody else and is terrified of water. She was also much more comfortable outside than inside. Thresholds into buildings or rooms freaked her out. We try to expose her to walk through doors and inside buildings as much as possible and she is now MUCH better. We have also given her many baths and she is okay with them now. After a few months, she had acclimated to us and the house. Her coat is nice and shiny and she is firmly part of the family with my wife, our two cats, and her best friend Honey (my sister’s German Shepherd). I can only imagine what she went through as a puppy but I am glad that LHF rescued her and brought her to us! If we get another dog, I know where to go!

Eevee’s rescued story