I’m so grateful that I experienced my adoption journey with Life of Hope Foundation! Anita was there every step of the way to answer questions and provide information on the newest member of my family, Isha. Isha’s foster mom, Joyce, also did an exceptional job of sending me videos and photos of Isha’s interactions with other dogs, cats, and strangers. The contact I had with them pre-adoption was consistent, clear, and helped me determine if Isha would be a good fit for my home. 

Isha arrived at the airport with blankets, water, toys, potty pads, and high quality leashes, harness and collar. Since she’s been home with my fiance and I, she has deeply enriched our daily lives. We love her unimaginably so! We had been wanting a dog for a long time to accompany us on our adventures (our two other animals are house cats). When we found Isha, we knew she was the perfect fit for our family. Isha was saved from an abusive situation, so understandably, she was quite shy the first week or so in our home. But after she began opening up, we couldn’t stop smiling every minute we spent with her! She is incredibly respectful of our cats, loyal, loving, intelligent, and funny. We adore her snaggletooth and the way she slaps the ground with her forearms when she gets excited. 

Adopting through LHF was such a smooth process. I feel incredibly lucky to have a furry friend like Isha in my life. Thank you, Joyce, for rehabilitating her in the interim – and thank you, Anita, for taking the time to coordinate the rescue of so many amazing Formosan Mountain Dogs.


Paige Acosta