We adopted Hamburg from SEA in February 2021 and hands down recommend Life Hope Foundation if you’re considering adopting a pet. We’ve had Hamburg approximately 4 months and this review is way overdue.  

The adoption process was seamless as Anita was in close contact and sent updated photos prior to Hamburg’s arrival. Upon his arrival, the foundation attached all medical history and was always available to answer any questions we had. 

He was a little shy the first day given the new environment and opened up to the family by the second day. By the first week, it felt like we had him for a lot longer and really saw his personality shine. He is intelligent, playful and funny. He plays extremely well with other dogs and our kids age 4 and 10. Anita and the fosters did a great job ensuring he was well socialized. But made us aware of the steps to take to make him adapt to our lifestyle.

He is still a little shy when meeting strangers but no issues at all. He does not bark unless a stranger is near our home. We’ve taken him on multiple trips to different homes from the city to the beach. We’ve gone on hikes, jogs, dining outdoors at restaurants and many other adventures. He has gone to day care a few times and is quite the popular fellow there. One thing I can say is that he is very adaptable. If we are working and staying indoors, his energy mimics ours. If we are active and want to go out, he is more than happy to join. We’ve left him home alone for the day and he is incredibly well behaved, no separation anxiety. 

We cannot thank Life Hope Foundation enough! He is the perfect dog for our family and we can’t imagine life without Hamburg.