Greta, now Hero

I would like to thank several people for bringing Hero, my 16-month-old “Formosan” into my heart. Before being united with Hero (formerly known as Greta). I was afraid of dogs and never thought I would own a dog, let alone a stray. My husband has always wanted to have a new dog after his dog passed away 25 years ago. My husband had a short experience playing with a Formosan mountain dog and always remembers how cute the dog can be. After moving from the UK to France and facing Covid-19, we decided to have a new meaning of life by adopting a Formosan mountain dog.

Hero is such a gentle and calm girl to be around. We were nicely surprised by how quiet she can be at home while goofy and active in our yard and the park. My friends and neighbors can’t believe that Hero doesn’t touch our shoes even though our open shoe shelves are next to her bed. Hero is cautious with dogs and enjoys observing all activities. It takes her some moments to learn how to play with other dogs. She is also an excitable hunter chasing after birds and running at high speed. The best thing in the morning is to see her wagging her tail and asking us to take her out for some fun time. She is a cure to take unnecessary stress out of our life. 

Many thanks to the rescuer for finding Hero and the foster home for her early training as a puppy. Thanks to Anita, the lovely Taiwanese lady who made sure Hero was given the appropriate medical check-up and for taking her to the airport in Taiwan. Thanks to my friend Yi-Ching for invaluable help driving us back home and assisting Hero’s socializing process. Hero has brought a great deal of joy to us. We are both extremely grateful to have Hero living with us. She has become an indispensable part of our family. Lately, thank you, LHF, for giving Hero a second chance and sharing so much information during the adoption process and the dog training knowledge after the adoption. We are so grateful that LHF creates a new meaning in our life.