Gimmy, now Cody

Absolutely amazing!  Cody’s transition into our family has been seamless with no bumps at all.  The adoption process was thorough but not excessive.  They spend the time to make sure there is a good match before moving forward.  I had an excellent idea of Cody’s traits and personality before the adoption was completed.  Anita sent pictures and videos while Cody was waiting to be flown to his forever home.  Anita was also available to answer any questions as Cody was adjusting to his new home.  Cody loves playing catch, running around in the backyard, and sleeping next to me.  He has been a wonderful addition to the family.    Further, I was told Cody is one of the best trained dogs at daycare.  They consider him to be one of the “A” dogs as he gets along well with everyone (people and dogs).  My mom says he’s a lucky dog, but I think we are the lucky ones!  In short, I highly recommend Life of Hope.  They are professional and friendly in every way.  I will undoubtedly reach out to them when the time comes for another addition to our family.  Thank you Anita and LHF for all you do!