Gary, now Scooby

We rescued Scooby in August 2021. Travel was still pretty limited due to the pandemic, but Anita was extremely clear on how the overall logistics would work. She provided a lot of pictures and videos of him to get us excited leading up to the big day. She even provided us with a bunch of recommendations on how to care for him, knowing that he was our first dog. She addressed every question we had and we truly thank her for putting us at ease.   

Scooby has brought us so much joy the past two years. We always try to include him in our plans and bring him to as many new experiences as possible. He has been to baseball games, completed 5k races, and even rode a train! We are looking forward for the winter to end, because we have a running bucket list of things to do once the weather is warm enough. We really do thank Anita again, for the trust she had that he would be in good hands.

We fully recommend Life of Hope Foundation for any future adopters concerned about the complexities of international rescue. They are an experienced team and always make sure the adopters are fully prepared. Our experience with them has been nothing but positive, and know they will make yours top-notched as well!