When Freema first arrived, she was very timid, and latched onto me, literally following me everywhere I went. Gradually, she opened up to the rest of my family after being bribed with a lot of treats, and started to show her true colors! Although she’s still anxious when she sees new people and automatic things (like the car door and electric fan), she has now become a very mischievous girl! She knows exactly how to lure me out of my room while I’m working to play dinosaur with her, and never forgets to remind my mom at 5pm that it’s time for her evening walk. We’re really grateful to have this silly girl join our family to diligently guard our backyard against squirrels. Thank you LHF for making this happen – the adoption process was very simple and they take amazing care of the dogs. (Anita and Ivy even sent me medicine for Freema when she got sick.) You guys rock!