On behalf of my family I wanted to Thank You so much for letting us adopt the newest member of our family, Finn.  After a short adjustment period, Finn quickly adapted to his new surroundings, and he is loving life in California.  Finn even has a few jobs here that he enjoys. He is our alarm clock in the mornings.  He is our protector.  And he also protects the garden from the squirrels.  Every day when I return home from work he is there to greet me with his tail wagging and his long tongue ready to shower me.  On my days off, Finn makes sure I exercise.  He wakes me up and makes sure I follow him to put his harness and leash on for a nice long walk.  One thing that really impressed me about Finn is that he is very smart.  He responds right away to gestures and words and when playing hide and seek he quickly learned our routine and Finn beats us at our own games.  Finn has been such a great addition to our family. He makes us laugh.  He comforts us.  And he plays with us.  The adoption process was simple and very rewarding.  Greeting our new lifelong family member at the airport was exciting.  I am truly amazed about the dogs from Taiwan. I read their stories every day and these dogs are so friendly and loyal.  I am very thankful to The Life of Hope Foundation!  Thank you for caring for Finn before his trip to California.  Thank you Ling for escorting Finn. What a great team and all that you do to rescue these dogs.  My family is very grateful to The Life of Hope Foundation for bringing Finn into our lives. We are truly blessed!

Thank You,