After living in Taiwan for a number of years I had noticed a number of stray and homeless dogs.  I decided that I wanted to help find a dog a good home, and some companionship would do me some good as well.

I was put in contact through a friend and began the process of seeking out a young dog to adopt.  The process was thorough and fair.  It was clear that the dog’s health and future were the priority. 

Then came Fernanda!  Such a sweetheart!  Very well-mannered and a very quick learner.  I was given everything needed to start up and support my new furry sweetheart.  If I needed anything, it was a phone call away!

Now me and furry BFF spend our days playing fetch, walking, and making new friends, although she prefers humans and cats as friends.  She wakes me up with sniffs and kisses or just to tell me its time for a treat. If and when I return to the United States, my furry partner will surely be with me!

Thank You,

Arthur Ake