Faya, now Freya


First I just want to thank Life of Hope Foundation for all the amazing work y’all do!  Here is my Testimonial for Freya (Originally Faya), along with some photos.

When I was researching places to adopt FMD’s and came across Life of Hope Foundation I was Skeptical because there were so many positive testimonials! I reached out to a random person on Instagram (who tagged lhf.rescue in a post) and they echoed what all the testimonials were saying. Needless to say we decided to go with Life of Hope and our experience with Anita and the whole process was incredible. The pre-adoption process was smooth, very transparent and amazing to be put in touch with the Foster for Freya (originally Faya).  We picked Freya up at YVR in the late evening, she was a scared puppy and her journey wasn’t over yet.  We stayed the first night in a dog friendly hotel, the poor girl was so stressed but she did sleep for maybe 2 hours.  The next day we drove 5 hours back home, she was so stoked to be able to run around in our fenced yard. We’ve had her for 9 months at this point and since then we’ve seen her blossom into an affectionate, confident and outgoing friendly FMD who swims!!! She comes with her quirks too (like all FMD’s), for example she hates getting her nails trimmed and taking her to a groomer doesn’t work, so we found a scratching board on Amazon that files nails and taught her to scratch it for treats! From the first night in our home she was most comfortable sleeping in our bed but didn’t have much interest in cuddling on the couch for a while.  Around the 7 month mark that all changed she became  an extremely cuddly dog. Freya now enjoys playing with friends at the dog park, going for hikes on the mountain trails and chilling in the backyard (weather permitting), she brought a warmth and vibrancy to our house that we cherish every day. 

Thank you!