Fady, now Foley

If you’re hesitating to contact this foundation, don’t – from the beginning it has been an easy and thorough process! We adopted our Foley (formerly Fady) in the height of the pandemic when flights out to the west coast approved for dogs became less frequent. Even then, Anita and Rita worked with us and kept in contact constantly to ensure that the transition would be as smooth as possible for Foley, it is clear that this foundation puts the happiness and welfare for these rescue pups as first priority, we can definitely respect that rather than some companies out there that are in it for the profit. Anita and Rita coached us through the process when Foley first flew over, which helped ease the adjustment for Foley and ensured that we would be a good forever home for him! Thank you very much Life of Hope, without you we would never have met a greater fit to our growing family in Oregon!