Eight months ago, my wife and I decided that we were ready share our home with a furry friend. We knew that we wanted to rescue or adopt a dog but didn’t know where to begin. Then, through an online search, we found Fabian and Anita. It was meant to be. We saw pictures, watched videos, and read his bio. Quickly, we inquired about him and went through a thorough adoption process. This also gave us a chance to learn about Formosan Mountain Dogs and their home in Taiwan. Life of Hope is an excellent, caring organization. Fabian is a cuddly companion who loves to play and spend time with his human parents. Moreover, he’s a total goofball and quick learner. We hit the jackpot by discovering such a sweet soul. Caring for a pet is a life-long commitment, and we know just how lucky we are to be part of Fabian’s adventurous journey. We dearly thank Life of Hope for this precious fur-ball.