Emma, now Ella

When we were looking for a dog, we considered several different rescue organizations but Life of Hope earned my trust immediately with their very detailed, specific, and transparent information about each of their dogs. I fell in love with Ella when I saw a photo of her beautiful soulful eyes. Her adoption profile included videos of her in various contexts and situations, and I was confidently able to make the decision that she was the right dog for us, and that we were the right family for her. When I visited her at her foster home for the meet-and-greet, the shy sweet girl came out from under the table where she was hiding and gave me kisses and put her paw in my hand. My heart has belonged to her ever since. The adoption process was seamless, and Anita was clear and responsive in her communication every step of the way. Ella’s foster moms in Taiwan and California did a wonderful job training her and preparing her for her life in a forever home. Ella is now living her best life doing zoomies, digging holes, and chasing birds/squirrels in her very own backyard. She loves hiking the hills and going to the beach, playing hide-and-seek with her cat brothers, and cuddling with her humans. Adopting Ella has truly been a life-changing experience and we are forever grateful to Life of Hope for rescuing our sweet little pup.