Elsa, now Formosa

I used to have no feelings for stray cats and dogs until my trip back to Taiwan three years ago. I encountered a litter of puppies in the mountains, abandoned, without their mother. This incident has changed my life. At that time, I left the puppies at a temple and walked away with tears. Due to a lack of knowledge, I have no clue how to help those puppies. The turning point to make up my mind to help these furry kids was that I saw so many disabled strayed dogs in the mountains in Taiwan. Hence, I decided to adopt a dog.

I stumbled across LHF on Facebook to find out about the process of dog adoption. I originally planned to go back to Taiwan to adopt a dog, but I didn’t expect that LHF would be willing to assist my friend and me in shepherding the adopted dogs to France. At first glance at Formosa’s photos, I knew she was the one! It’s like fate! I named her Formosa to echo our origin. Her nickname is A-Bui, by her foster family, which means chubby in Taiwanese. It must be my fate to have her as I was called A-Bui in my childhood.

LHF managed all the complicated procedures, i.e., transportation abroad and the necessary quarantine. Especially during the period of Covid-19, the government restricted the flight frequency. After two months of waiting, a dog ambassador volunteered to accompany our dogs to France. Last but not least, LHF prepared us with necessary information from purchasing basic supplies to all matters in the dog’s life and provided crucial information on our dogs’ behavior. Even now, they offer us advice whenever we seek advice.

Moreover, LHF also impressed my veterinarian when I took Formosa to the vet for registration and check-up. The veterinarian praised the medical documents with a detailed health examination that LHF provided and said it was his first time in his 25 years of practice. He even consulted where we are from and the name of the LHF. I felt so proud and grateful for how much effort LHF has made.

Formosa is a furry kid that I can’t ask for more. Her intelligence is beyond my expectation. She is a fast learner and retains the training knowledge almost after the first training. She quickly learns how to walk on the leash with me at my speed and immediately responds to my recall demands. She gets along well with all dogs. Because of her, I received numerous compliments from other dog masters. I have also made a lot of new friends (dog lovers). I am so grateful to have her, my furry kid, in my life.

To make this adoption successful, I would like to thank various people.

Thank you, Hsiao-Chien, for teaching A-Bui to be a great kid and handing her over to me.
Thank you, Anita, for always sharing all the information about furry kids so that I can take care of Formosa with peace of mind.
Thank you to my friend Chi-Yun and her husband, Oscar. They are willing to let go of their preference of choosing a pedigree dog and adopt another beautiful FMD, Hero.
Thank you, LHF, for rescuing and raising the strayed dogs in Taiwan.

I sincerely hope that there will be no more lonely and homeless stray animals on the streets in my home country one day.