Drew, now Blanco

My wife and I’s experience with Life of Hope Foundation was nothing short of amazing. Anita was extremely transparent and helpful during the pre-adoption process and made sure we understood the quirks of raising a rescue FMD. When we first saw Drew (now Blanco) on the LHF Instagram, we instantly fell in love. Although Blanco was fearful at first, he warmed up to us quicker than we expected. It took him about 24 hours to start exploring his new home and his new cat sibling, Fez. As time went on he was able to show his true personality as a loving, highly energetic, and playful pup. Blanco loves going to the park and we always get compliments on how athletic he is after running laps around other dogs. I guess that’s why he loves car rides since he sees himself speeding by everyone else. Blanco’s big (little) brother Fez is happy (maybe not all the time) that he gained a brother and someone that he can occasionally play with (when he feels like it). Blanco is our shadow and loves to be around people and although he’s nearly 60lbs, he will snuggle right on top of you. Our life has become so full with the addition of Blanco into our family and we can’t thank Anita and the rest of Life of Hope Foundation enough for trusting us to care for and love Blanco.