Dodger, now Nyko

Nyko (his name was Dodger in Taiwan) is the best blessing we received in 2020. He was a bit timid at first, but now he likes to cuddle on the couch and in bed especially with his dog mom, gets very excited when it’s time to eat, and enjoys going on walks/hikes with his dog cousin, he especially likes hiking in snow! We thought he was a pretty low energy dog, but it turns out he can do zoomies too! We’re absolutely in love with him even after only having him for a little over a month.
We started the whole application process with LHF around November. Anita and Ivy were our main contacts and they were very timely with their responses to our questions, and they updated us with pictures and videos of Nyko all the time. When Nyko arrived at SFO from Taipei, he came in a really nice crate, and he had all his documentations with him. Overall, I highly recommend Life of Hope Foundation! 

Nyko’s rescued story