Curtis, now Bucky

It has been about 6 months since I adopted Bucky (Curtis) and we couldn’t be happier! Now that Captain has his little brother around, they keep each other company. Christina and I find Bucky quirky and full of energy and, at the same time, a really great cuddle buddy. Captain and Bucky are always fighting to cuddle with one of us or with each other. Bucky has really acclimated well to living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He was shy of stairs and other dogs he would meet at the park at first, but now is a champion stair climber. He still keeps his distance with some dogs, but when he has more than 30 seconds to get to know a strange dog, he becomes friends with them. Captain and Bucky get to play on the beach and the forest all the time. We got Captain and Bucky comfortable with running into the water. They do play rough sometimes, but I know they are being brothers. I would know, I played rough with my brother too. The two are can’t be separated now without one of them either always looking or crying for each other if one is gone. While it took a little bit of time in the beginning to get him used to being home alone, Bucky is the master of lounging around and sleeping anywhere he finds comfortable. Bucky has his spot by the window where he likes to monitor the streets and keep the family protected. Thank you for bringing Bucky into our life. We love him dearly.


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