Cookie, now Baker

Thank you, Life of Hope and Anita, for choosing us to be Baker’s family. Who knew choosing a dog from an online photo could work out so well? People thought we were crazy to adopt a dog without meeting him first but Anita made the decision so easy! We looked forward to transparent updates and daily puppy videos until the day we picked Baker up from SFO. We fell even more in love with him when we saw his fluffy ears and sweet brown eyes in person that day. 

February will be two years with Baker (formerly Cookie). Two years of park runs, beach days, and couch snuggles. We couldn’t ask for a better dog. Adopting a Formosan Mountain Dog comes with challenges, as they are sensitive and protective dogs. But with the right amount of patience and understanding, an FMD can become the perfect family dog. Baker is proof of this 🙂 and I know he will be the best big brother to our future human kids! 

Thank you LHF for everything you do to find dogs the perfect homes. Your dedication to animal welfare shows in how easy it was to work with you. We felt very safe in our decision to adopt through your organization ❤️