Life of hope foundation brought us our blessed Formosan Mountain dog; Coffee is her name. She has been a sure delight in our family. She has brought many smiles, fun, and laughter to our home.

Here is how Coffee came to live in her forever home.

It was end of summer August 2020 to be exact when we lost Lola a German Shepard & Lab mix. We lost her to cancer when she was 10 years old. It was tough to lose Lola.

One day I was looking at other dogs because we are just a house hold that needs a dog. Especially my youngest boy (Jacob).
Jacob was not doing well without a dog. Missing Lola a lot I was just scanning and looking at dogs. I came a-crossed about 10 dogs that I think would fit in our family. In a kidding manner, I showed my husband & he saw coffee’s sweet face & said that is our next dog. I said you know she is from Twain? He said that is her, she is our dog.

Next thing you know, we started the process to adopt Coffee.
Life of Hope made it easy and I enjoyed the process. They really care about the placement of the dogs so the dogs get there forever home they deserve. We did an application; we made a video of our home so they could ensure a safe environment for Coffee.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed videos and info from Coffee’s rescue mom. She really showed me what love she had for Coffee by walking her everyday and shared with me the training of coffee to shake, videos of her at the dog parks, her first swim, and really socialized Coffee with lots of different dogs. I am grateful to her for all her hard work she put into Coffee. Thank you, Nelly.

Anita was very helpful in the process of this adoption process. Thank you, Anita! I would highly recommend Life of Hope if you want a forever companion.

We then got news that Coffee was going to fly into Seattle, Washington February 2021. We were excited! Then….,

Due To sickness Coffee had, The Vet wanted to keep her for observation over a course of time. She was eventually cleared by the vet to come to the USA. Now it was up to Seattle for her to be able to fly overseas, due to COVID restrictions. Flights had been canceled.

We had waited a long time, & knew that Life of Hope flew into L.A. & San-Francisco California. I asked if there were any flights into California because we would drive & pick her up in California. Lucky for us a flight was scheduled to come into San Francisco airport June of 2021. So, that is what we did to meet our next family member. It was an exciting time. I will forever remember that trip. Thanks to the passenger who traveled with the dogs to bring the dogs to the USA.

We finally met Coffee. Of course, she was disoriented & scared. She did not know who we were & where she was. It took a few days & she was coming around. We traveled & took our time coming home. We spent some time in hotels & went to different places along the West Coast of California. Coffee enjoyed the beaches. I think our bonding experience took off right away because we were forced to be in small spaces on our travels to home in Oregon. I think coffee thought we had many little homes along the way.

Finally, we made it home and Coffee’s favorite part of her new house is the back yard. She loves to chase the squirrels and birds. She races and plays with her dog companion Patience. (Patience belonged to my father who also passed in June. My father would be happy for patience has found a great companion In Coffee.)

It was a long time waiting for Coffee to come and be our forever dog. We have bonded with her quite well and love her as if she just belonged in our family. She is easy to love and we are so happy she has settled into her forever home nicely. It has been quite an adventure since first we laid eyes on Coffee. Here’s to many more memories to come.

Life of Hope was great to work with during the whole process. Even with all the delays Life of Hope was always concerned with how we felt and offered us refunds if we wanted to back out. I believe Coffee is very happy she ended up with an organization like Life of Hope.

Thank You for all you do.

The Hansen Family