Cleo, now Abby

We lost our 10 year old doberman this year after a very short illness and were devastated. We knew we wanted another dog and all our dogs had been rescues so we started checking local SPCA websites. We were looking for a mid size dog that would be fun to walk and a great companion. After much searching, we found our way to the Adopt a dog website, and there was a photo of a dog that looked interesting (Cleo), which led us to the Life of Hope Foundation for more information.

From the very beginning, we knew this was the right direction. All correspondence was professional and focused around a good fit for the dog and the proposed new family. We corresponded and met with the foster family and Cleo in a park on the day before pick-up. They could not have been more friendly, focused on dogs, and professional. The foster mom provided information and dog supplies which were invaluable for a smooth transition. All documentation was in order and enabled us to get a dog license and tags immediately. We picked Cleo up at the park the next day, and had the opportunity to meet Ivy.

Our family is now complete and Cleo (now Abby) walks us twice a day, has dog friends for play dates, and charms everyone she meets. Initially, she was timid, but she’s making great progress. She remains very respectful of other dogs and people. We have friends that ask her to come and visit so she can play with their young dog, which weighs 100 pounds and also respectfully sits near their very old dog. I mention this as the temperament of Formosan Mountain dogs is amazing! She plays with toys, can take long walks and hikes, and is a great cuddle dog. We had never heard of the breed before.

The whole experience from start to finish was greate. Thank you for the work that you do. If there is ever anything that we can do to support please let us know.