Butter, now Kiwi

I wish that when we started searching for a dog, we had found Life of Hope foundation right away! We almost gave up after we had submitted numerous adoption applications to several shelters and never heard from them. Luckily my daughter found Life of Hope Foundation online. We applied for a dog and heard from LHF right away.  Anita gave us more details about the dog’s temperaments and also gave us suggestions. We ended up choosing Kiwi (formerly Butter) and it was the best decision ever!
We picked Kiwi up at SFO after one month of waiting. Thank you to the volunteer who brought five dogs with her. Kiwi came in a clean large kennel with a new leash, harness, and toys. We fell in love with her immediately. She was very calm and gentle, a bit shy and cautious at first, but warmed up to us quickly. My teenage girls adore her very much and she bonded with them right away. Because of the extreme heat, wildfires, and smoke we are experiencing right now, we aren’t able to exercise her outdoors. However, Kiwi and the girls keep one another active by running and playing in the house.
Kiwi now whines a bit when the girls are in their rooms doing remote learning (due to COVID-19). She sits by the bottom of the stairs watching and listening intently to see if one of them is coming down to play with her. What a sweet dog! She has brought so much fun and joy to us.
We just took Kiwi to the vet today for a check-up, and the whole staff kept praising how sweet and perfect she is. They were also very glad that the dog came with detailed medical records.
A big thank you to Life of Hope Foundation for doing what you do and Kiwi’s foster family for taking such great care of her before she came. We are so lucky to have her.