This search started a little bit after February 2022. We had two passing of two beloved pets 1st was my aunts dog Simon who died to unexpected cancer. Then the passing of my cat Frisco from old age/Hyperthyroid and other issues. Both are dearly missed. 

The search started for finding Jaow and I the right companion who had similar qualities to Simon being confident(flat coat retriever) , good with people and other dogs. A dog who was already potty trained and older. I had reached out to previous rescuers but none of them replied back. I also used pet finder and search other places online. Some places I applied, but then dog I had inquired about had already been adopted. 

My dog Jaow was also a rescue. She came from Thailand and is very nervous around people and strange loud sounds, but more comfortable with dogs and cats. She made great progress with Simon as her own kind of therapy dog. 
So I was looking for a dog with similar personality and qualities. 

That’s when I stumbled onto the Life of Hope Foundation website and saw Brodees’s profile Pic and Bio. What really helped is they provided a detailed bio and pictures and video of Brodee and how he he was with people and dogs and it different situations. 

Plus his face and eyes stuck out to me I had also consider another dog on their website but Anita told me about both dogs personalities after reading my message of what I was looking for. She really helped in making my decision to choose Brodee once she told me of is personality which match to what I was looking for in a dog. 

From There Anita kept me updated once I was approved for adopting Brodee. She also connected me with Brodee’s rescuer Joyce. Jocyce was also helpful answering questions I had about Brodee. Both did a great job of communication which is so important. Even when flights were cancelling she was great in offering solutions. 

I was able to pick up Brodee from San Francisco and then fly back to Seattle. Also LHF provided the crate, toys, harness and leash. 

Brodee was so good through it all. He is adjusting well her he loves smelling everything on his walks but also learns fast. It’s great he is treat motivated with the training. He is a little shy about meeting new people but excited when he see’s another dog but we are still working on that. 

Brodee has brought laughter and joy into my life. 
He loves the stretch out on the couch and play with his stuffed toys. He want’s to learn and see everything about the world. 
He also makes my other dog Jaow Happier. We are looking forward to creating more new memories in the new year!