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6 months ago, my partner and I found Boris on Life of Hope. We were looking to adopt the right dog for a while and rescues we talked to weren’t responsive. There wasn’t anything that felt “the one” until a friend recommended to look at Life of Hope who also adopted a dog there. We knew Boris is the one after looking at photos, videos and his bio. When you know, you just know. We were willing to go to San Francisco and pick him up then fly back to Seattle. It was meant to be because he has the same birthday with one of us. We went through a smooth and thorough process with Anita. We also got the chance to thank Joyce, the person who rescued Boris. This was the best adoption process. Anita was very good with communication, informative, flexible, helpful, kind, patient and works hard to find good homes. She was committed to help us while we panicked  about cancelled flights during a heat wave. 

She helped us understand Formosan mountain dogs are the way they are and their home in Taiwan. Also these dogs need a lot of patience because of what they go through. We still keep in touch with Anita and Joyce who found Boris with his brothers.  

Boris flew from Taiwan in a crate with a toys, pads, collar, harness, leash, blanket, masks, medical and import paperwork. He was neutered and had all of his vaccines. Anita made us aware that he will be nervous and scared with us at first. He needed to be ignored and let him come out on his own. He was very sad at first. He wouldn’t let us pet him or come out of his crate often for a month. Not even for food or doggie treats. We could only convince him with a trail of cheese to come half way out then he would go back in. 6 months later, we have seen an improvement on his confidence, training and he is completely comfortable with us. Now he can be needy for snuggles and loves meal time that he jumps on his bed. He is a big food motivator. The cutest yawn sounds. The biggest snuggly and sweetest dog we have known. When Boris choose you, he really chooses you as his companion. Boris is still shy with people but he is very curious and thrives around dogs. He wants to smell people also doesn’t let them pet him at the same time. Right now we are working on separation anxiety and excitement reactivity on walks at his pace. Overall, he is the sweetest silly little guy who wants to be loved, safe, run with dogs, receive infinite belly rubs, snuggles, and eat good food. He is the best dog to us. We are always going to advocate for him. 

Thank you LHF for raising this guy and helping him be the best boy. Thank you for giving these dogs a second chance. LHF really puts so much thought and care into each dog. They know so much about their dogs.  We truly believe these dogs are very resilient, friendly and loyal.