Bomi and Ray (now Banzai and Zuko)

We were looking for months at different organization to adopt a pup, but it was impossible to get in touch with anyone, and had very specific size preference. Finally our friends recommended the Life of Hope organization, and I’m so glad they did! I reached out on instagram and Anita replied right away, and communicated with me every week until we found our sweet little Banzai (Bomi) to adopt. Banzai was found with both of her hind legs broken. They nursed her to health under the care of a vet, and raised her for the first 6 months of her life, until she flew all the way from Taiwan for us to retrieve her in San Francisco. Andy and I were so shocked that the low adoption fee covered all of the love and support LHF gives to their rescue pups. To us it’s a testiment of passion for what they’re doing. A month later, Zuko (Ray) needed fostering to be rehomed in San Francisco. We offered to foster Zuko, and finally, adopted him because we just fell in love with him. Banzai and Zuko became fast friends and really took each other out of their shells. They were both super shy to begin with, but together, they’re so outgoing. We’re so grateful to LHF for finding us the sweetest dogs in the world. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!