After searching for rescues for weeks we could never find the perfect dog for our apartment. When we did find a dog, they would be gone the next day! I’m not sure how I ended up on Life of Hope’s page but I am SO glad I did. We had no idea international adoptions were a thing but fell in love with FMDs in general! I reached out and Anita always responded SO FAST. We fell in love with Ben because he was so handsome and we were so happy to hear that she believed he was the best fit for our life. We also did some due diligence and reached out to 8 previous adopters to make sure this process was legit and ALL 8 adopters responded and were willing to go into detail about their experience and gave a glowing review. That truly speaks to the work this organization does!
Picking him up from the airport was very easy. Waiting was the worst part but I was even surprised that we got him so soon after first speaking. One awesome passenger brought over 5 dogs and it was such a cool experience. He did great on the way home and was so excited to get out and run! We are very lucky he is so friendly and less fearful than most FMDs as he stayed out of his crate to sleep on the couch with us. Even with the time change and a foreign environment he slept in our bedroom the entire night being such a good boy!

I have found everything Anita said about Ben has been true: He is calm indoors and energetic outside which is perfect for us while we work from home but try to remain active. He was fully potty trained and is accident free, plus he is so gentle and hasn’t destroyed even a toy. We have had him for almost 2 months now and he is much more confident and truly bonded to us! He loves to sleep in his bed ALL DAY but is beyond excited for his multiple walks and looks forward to meeting his besties at the dog park. The international adoption process has been so rewarding and watching him be so happy and lovable knowing what he’s been through. He has brought so much laughter and love in our life.

I HIGHLY recommend adopting through Life of Hope Foundation!
For more updates on Ben if interested: