Amber, now Millie

Dear Life of Hope Foundation.

I wanted to share a long overdue update regarding Millie (F.K.A. Amber) who we adopted this past March.  

Millie was a bit skittish and not interested in going for walks the first couple of weeks. She was content taking long naps, playing with her toys and hide & seek with our cat.

After about a month, we started weekly trainings and moderate socialization at restaurants, stores and friend/family gatherings. Millie is dong great in these environments and is such a sweetheart drawing attention everywhere we go.

Millie has become confident and settled into her new home and routine.  We enjoy morning walks, afternoon playtime at our neighborhood park with dog friends and going for long walks/playtime at the beach.

The adoption process and Life of Hope Foundation are fantastic!  Anita and Ivy were so helpful and responsive.  They shared videos of Millie interacting with kids, cats and other dogs – a high priority for us.  We had a great sense of her personality before she arrived. I really appreciate the recommended Facebook groups and support/guidance they provided leading up to Millie’s arrival and since. Approaching Millie’s travel date, we received updates ahead of her arrival to SFO, LoHF connected us with Millie’s chaperone and another adopter who has gone through the process before to greeted us at the airport.  When Millie arrived, everything was as described and including her vaccination/health records.

I can’t say enough about how wonderful the experience was and LoHF – although I try when asked about Millie, where she came from 🙂