Aggie, now Angie

What about my dog ​​Angie? She flew to me in January, she didn’t understand where she was, where she ended up. The next day we went to the dog park where she felt like she was among her fellow dogs. She was thin, with thin legs. She immediately liked the way I cook, she loves food, so she quickly learns with dog treats. She loves dogs and running around in circles with them in the park. I showed her the ocean and she really liked it. She looked around like a person, laughed and ran along the shore. She is a very gentle, cautious dog and does not like to go into the water. But she is very attached to me, protects me. And when I went into the ocean water to surf, she boldly threw herself into the huge waves, selflessly swam after me, but the waves threw her back. When I came ashore, she was jumping joyfully. This is how she also plays with me if there is no dog nearby to play with. So she is my emotional support and true friend. I’m very happy with her.