We adopted her 3/1/21.
Ada is my first rescue pup and adopting her was such a positive experience! I came across her photo online and was immediately smitten. The application process was very thorough. We received lots of pictures and videos of her from her foster family in Taiwan while we awaited her arrival.   When we first met Ada, she was a bit nervous. I wasn’t sure what to expect from her but right before we left, she licked my face and I knew we’d be ok!   Everyone that cared for her did such an amazing job, she is so sweet.  She has settled in to our home really well. My daughter and her are the same age, around one year, and they are inseparable. Ada is so gentle and patient with her.   She has lots of energy and does really well with daily walks and lots of playtime. She is extremely smart and is doing great with training.   Ada has been a wonderful addition to our family and I’m so happy my daughter will get to grow up with such a sweet companion!
April Lund.