CozyJo Pet Care (Hillsboro, OR)

We are so incredibly happy that we found YingJu! We had been looking for the pet sitter and foster home. When we finally came across YingJu. She is such a patient animal lover!!!!
She has a house with a fenced yard. Neat, clean and comfortable space. And a very friendly dog ​​and two cats. We thank every day, we are so lucky to found such an amazing animal lover. THANK YOU!! Highly recommended for families who need a daycare for your furry kids. YingJu is definitely the best! 🙂

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Good Place 好汪角 (Taiwan)

Good Place (好汪角) is a private dog shelter created by Ms. Lin.

Ms. Lin started this journey of dog rescue because of her first rescue dog. In 2010, she saved a stray dog from a life of abuse and opened her eyes to the extremely tough lives of stray dogs in Taiwan. She decided then to sell her house and moved to the mountain region to start her own shelter – Good Place, and has been living there with the dogs she’s saved since.

Ms. Lin has not only been rescuing and rehabilitating strayed and abandoned dogs, she also has been doing the best she to spay and neuter the ones that were roaming the mountains. Because of her hard work, the remote area close to her shelter has a much more manageable stray dog population (Note: Taiwan has an overwhelming number of stray animals due to zero euthanasia law but the lack of willingness or education regarding spay and neuter). In the past 10 years, she has saved countless dogs and found homes for many of them. Ms. Lin tried as much possible to bring stray dogs back to her shelter, and nursed them back to health. She currently has about 200+ dogs in Good Place. Many dogs in her shelter, due to abuse, neglect, accidents and other factors, many of them lost limbs or have life-long illnesses – and many are terrified of people. Because of her loving care, a good number of the dogs she saved are ready for adoption.

End of 2019, the member of Life of Hope (LHF) met Ms. Lin, and to our surprise, with 200+ dogs in Good Place, the dogs get to enjoy freedom on the shelter premises. By herself, she kept the place very clean. She knows the names of every single dog, and can tell you every one of their stories. Her dedication and love moved the founders of LHF.

In early 2020, Good Place officially became LHF’s rescue partner. For us at LHF, it’s an honor to be able to provide support to Ms. Lin and her hard work, even though we are a small non-profit organization.

Pawse (Pleasanton, CA)

Pawsr are a student-run club at The Quarry Lane School in Dublin, CA.

Our mission is to advocate for pet adoption by educating our community about responsible pet ownership, discussing the realities of unaccredited breeders, and showcasing local rescue organizations and shelters.

Given our shelter-in-place restrictions, we will not be able to organize any in-person adoption events in the coming months. However this is something we plan to do once the restrictions are lifted.

Instead, we will curate education posts on our blog and instagram, organize webinars, and fundraise for rescue organizations through our Custom Pet Portrait project.

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Big Boy Can Code | 鎰誠數位 (Taiwan)

我們將從公司網頁到購物車, 由小細節到整體頁面為您提供一條龍的服務,幫您全方位提升門面形象。更會以最專業的角度,從各方面分析網路用戶的習性及愛好,為您提供高品質數位行銷,增加網上知名度,使貴公司擁有最優質的競爭力!再加上SEO 優化,讓客戶第一眼就找到您!幫助提高網頁搜索的排名,讓您的公司價值更進一步。 而我,一個高階的網頁工程師、Youtube上的程式教學名師,將以多年累積的經驗用熱情和極高的自我要求為您呈現最頂尖的程式品質及最優質的數位行銷。 公司連結🔗